Pointe Shoe Care

Pointe shoes are an investment. Although we cannot allow for growing room, there are ways to properly maintain pointe shoes to help them last longer. Please keep in mind that most pointe shoes have a normal life expectancy of approximately 12 hours of use (this will vary depending on the shoes vs the strength of the dancer). It is important for the health of the shoe and for foot health that pointe shoes dry properly in between uses.

The following are ways to help extend the life of your pointe shoes and keep your feet healthy:

1. We recommend a netted bag for pointe shoe storage. This will allow air flow to the shoes.
2. Never store pointe shoes inside of each other.
3. Never leave toe pads inside of the pointe shoes in storage.
4. Jet Glue is useful to help harden softer boxes.
5. Make sure toenails are clipped