Pinewood School of Dance


Black for all classes. Can be long or short sleeve, tank or spaghetti straps. Please only wear classic style modestly cut leotards. No backless, low cut, halter, zippers, etc. allowed.
Keeping the requirements for leotards in mind:
Click here for Children's leotards
Click here for Adult leotards


Ballet - Pink Footed TIghts
Modern - Black Footless Tights
Tap, Jazz, and Tap/Jazz Combo - Light Suntan Tights (if you have ballet on the same day, wear pink)
Pre-School Combination - Pink Footed Tights
Hip-Hop - Black Footed Tights


Ballet - Pink Ballet Slippers
Click here for sizes 9.5 Girls and Under
Click here for sizes 10 Girls and up

Click here for Adult Sizes
Modern - Nude FootUndeez
Tap - Tan Tap Shoes
Jazz - Black Jazz Lace-Up Oxford or Slip on Style
Tap/Jazz Combination Class - Black Ballet Slippers
Black Patent Leather Tap Shoes
Pre-School Combination Class - Pink Ballet Slippers
Black Patent Leather Tap Shoes
Hip-Hop - Black Jazz Sneakers

Skirts & Shorts

Ballet skirts are optional for age 12 & up. Younger students will not be allowed to wear skirts.

Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap/Jazz Combo - Black boxer shorts or jazz pants allowed for teens only or with teacher permission.


Ballet and Modern - Neat secure bun, no bangs
Jazz, Tap, Tap/Jazz Combo, Hip-Hop - Neat secure ponytail or bun, no bangs
Pre-School Combination Class - Neat secure ponytail, no bangs
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Black shorts or tights and white t-shirts.
Ballet, tap, and jazz shoes should be black.