How to Save on Pointe Shoes

Your Cost at Balletomania for 7 pairs of Grishko 2007 pointe shoes is $497.95. This includes ribbon and elastic, preferred customer discount, pointe shoe club, and customer rewards earned. This is not factoring in the many other sales and promotions Balletomania frequently has.

In comparison your cost for 7 pairs of Grishko 2007 pointe shoes at an online retailer is $568.75 including ribbon and elastic. This does not factor in shipping. This means you save up to $70.80 with Balletomania.

Let’s break down Russian Pointe as well. 7 pairs of Russian Pointe shoes is $526.55 at Balletomania. Again, this includes the same discounts and programs mentioned above. The total cost for 7 pairs of Russian Pointe’s at an online retailer including ribbon and elastic is $672.00. This means you save $145.45 at Balletomania.

If we breakdown the Bloch European Balance the cost for 7 pairs at Balletomania is $426.55. The same number of shoes would cost you $512.40 at an online retailer. Balletomania saves you $85.85

The cost for 7 pairs of Gaynor Minden pointe shoes at Balletomania is $622.55 when factoring in discounts; the same shoes would cost $761.95 through an online retailer. Balletomania can save you $139.40

 Without a doubt Balletomania is the more economical option for your pointe shoe purchases.