Costume Consignment

♦ You can visit our costume consignment shop in-store or online. Click here to view the costumes we have available online.
♦ At this time, costume consignment service is for dance costumes, skate dresses, Irish step dresses, and gymnastic leotards only. (We reserve the right to accept or decline each item)
♦ $1.00 drop off fee per costume (Non-Refundable)
♦ Sorry due to the limited space available, we must limit 5 costumes per customer at this time.
♦ Consignment customer decides price of costume.
50/50 - Once item is sold at decided price, 50% of that price goes to Balletomania as commission and 50% is put on the Consignment Customers Balletomania account as a store credit.
♦ Costumes may be reclaimed at any time by consignment customer up until the item is sold.
♦ All consignment items must be clean and in good condition.
♦ Consignment Customer must sign a Consignment Agreement.