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S01732L Dramatica II Pointe Shoe

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- Flexible and supportive

-Flatter profile and platform

- Spit outersole increases shank contact with the foot

- U shaped vamp

- Low cut side enhances profile if the foot

- Elastic drawstring improves the fit of the upper

-Improved heel shape of the shoe, provides better fit to your foot

- Oblong platform

- A paste for better resilience and natural breakdown

The DRAMATICA II STRECTCH POINTE is an updated model of the first generation, Dramatica.

Perfect for dancers with shorter toes or tighter muscles under the foot and ankle. It will contour to all major foot contact points for ease and comfortability en pointe.

Designed with an improved platform and pasting method, the stretch-satin upper ensures lengthening when the foot is flat or in demi-plie and returns to its original form when en pointe.

Please note: Due to their innovative nature, the Dramatica II Pointe shoes have to be professionally fitted.